Hose Barb x MNPT

All stainless steel parts are are free from burrs or debris and are manufactured with durable and high-quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel. The available fittings are 37° JIC threads and NPT threads (National Pipe Taper). The fittings easily connect to other Female/Male NPT threads and create a tight, reliable, and secure connection. Use thread sealant with NPT threads to create a water-tight and gas-tight seal between each thread. We recommend using tape that is rated for gases and is UL listed.
The 37 Degree JIC x MNPT connection connects the flared end against a female/male flared connection to create a reliable and secure seal. Users are not reqired to use thread sealant with JIC connections since they seal the flared surface of the fitting. NPT fittings are not the same size as JIC fittings. JIC fittings do have the same size nomenclature as NPT fittings. Stainless Steel Express recommends using 2 wrenches when connecting JIC fittings to one another. One wrench is used to tighten the fitting and the other wrench is used to hold back against the force applied to create resistance and ensure a better seal.
A 37 Degree JIC x MNPT connector will convert and adapt Female NPT connection to a Male JIC connection, These fittings are industry standard for extraction systems. In addition, these fittings allow for a variety of configurations.



304 Stainless Steel

Connection Type(s):

1/4" 37° MJIC (7/16-20)3/8" 37° MJIC (9/16-18)1/2" 37° MJIC (3/4-16)1/4"-18 MNPT3/8"-18 MNPT1/2"-14 MNPT

Sizes Available:

1/4" MJIC x 1/4" MNPT3/8" MJIC x 1/4" MNPT3/8" MJIC x 3/8" MNPT1/2" MJIC x 1/2" MNPT